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Working at the farm (page down for worker-share information):

There are many roles to fill as we plan, prepare, plant, grow and harvest throughout the vegetable season and through the off season and as our farm grows, so do our needs for additional employees and workers.

Farming is hard work but it is also satisfying, fun and offers constant variety.  We are looking for strong, motivated and reliable individuals to work along with us through the coming growing seasons. Tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the season include starting seeds, transplanting, weeding, caring for livestock and chickens, pest management, cultivation, field preparation and clean-up, trellising, harvesting and delivering CSA boxes to name a few.  There is heavy lifting involved as well as repetitive work with tools and working on hands and knees. We make the best of all of this work as a team while we strive to provide the highest quality of produce for our farm members and farmer’s markets as well as marketing to restaurants and retail stores.

Positions we are seeking:

Farm Hand / Field Crew

This is a full-time position(s), April through Nov. /Dec.  This position involves working with us through our entire growing season in the field and the greenhouse and includes tasks such as seeding, transplanting, record-keeping, irrigation needs, plant monitoring, harvesting, and preparation for weekly CSA deliveries.  Additional opportunities may include livestock or pastured poultry/egg production assistance. Experience in vegetable production, harvest and post-harvest handling is preferred however, motivation to learn and work hard are also traits that we appreciate and will consider.  This position requires a motivated, efficient individual who will work well alongside the farmers as well as alone or with a crew.    Compensation: Commensurate with experience, ($10- $14.00 per hr.)

If applying for this position, please submit a letter of interest and resume with 2 professional references to: highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com

Field Laborers / seasonal workers help with all aspects of vegetable production; transplanting, weeding, harvesting and maintenance.  Must be able to follow directions, work with the farmers as well as with a team.   Workers must be in good health and physical shape and able to lift 40 – 50 lbs.  Hours are somewhat flexible and may increase with labor needs at different times of the season.  Generally, the hours are around 20 – 30 hours per week. Ambitious high school students welcome to apply as a summer job. Compensation: Commensurate with experience and performance.

In addition, fall seasonal help is always needed as we harvest our storage crops and prepare the fields for winter. (Limited availability)

Worker shares for our 20 week CSA season:

Packing vegetable boxes

Packing vegetable boxes

Although we are a small family farm and CSA, the amount of vegetables that we grow would be impossible to maintain by ourselves!  We depend heavily on our worker shares that volunteer 4-5 hours each week in exchange for their Standard vegetable share.  Our past workers have been an amazing work force and have made sure that all of our harvest and delivery days have run smoothly and that we have delivered the freshest vegetables that we possibly could.  With smiles on their faces (every time I looked at least) they have worked in rain, heat, cold and mud.  As we grow, we add a few worker-shares each year.

Please read the questions and answers below before choosing the worker option, and if you think that you can work with this schedule and would like to join our team, please contact us via email!

Do I need experience?

No.  Each job will be explained to you.  You will just need to be able to listen, follow directions and work hard for your full shift.

Can my spouse/partner work my shift for me if I can’t make it? 

It’s best if one person in a family commits to a season, but if you need a sub you can send another family member.

Can 2 of us come each week for 2 hours?

No.  Leaving in the middle of a shift is not always helpful for the farm and co-workers.

Can I work for a small share?

Full shifts are most desired and the most helpful to us on the farm, but there may be a few (limited) opportunities to work for small shares.  Contact us for more information about this.

Can I bring my children?

No.  The work shifts are not geared for children.  We welcome you to bring your children to the farm when they can have your full attention and to any of our festivals.

Can I bring my dog?  No.20130918_113707



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2 comments on “Opportunities / Employment

  1. I am definitely interested in your work share program. I don’t have alot of farming experience but I have been involved in advocating for local farming and have much respect for the profession. I just moved here from Texas so I definitely dont mind heat and have volunteered as a ranch hand.

    • Hi Jessica!
      Ne experience is necessary to be a worker. The main thing is being able to commit to a shift, (preferably the same one each week), being dependable, able to lift crates of produce and able to work well with other people. Depending on which day you work, you could be bundling, picking, washing or packing or possibly a number of other things, but we all usually work together when we do them and the time goes quickly. Plus, you get great food to eat each week! If you are interested, just email the farm: highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com , and I will send you an application and that has more information on it as well.
      Thanks so much for your interest!

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